Benefits of Getting a Straightening Perm

Have you ever wondered what a straight perm really is? It is still a perm, but it uses thermal reconditioning to get your hair straight rather than curly or wavy.

Some of us are used to getting up extra early in order to straighten our hair with a flat iron. Unfortunately, flat iron can be very damaging to your beautiful locks and take all of the moisture out. A chemical straightening perm keeps your hair straight and is not as damaging. Here are some benefits to getting a perm over straightening your hair everyday:

If it takes you 15 minutes to straighten your hair and you do it every weekday, then getting a perm could save you 65 hours per year! That is almost 3 days! Think what you could do with an extra three days...

Most flat irons do not use much electricity, but if you take into account the electricity that the lights use and other such appliances, you could save approximately $3 a year on your electricity bill by getting a straight perm.

Getting a straight perm is also better for the environment! Using your straightener and lights for that extra 15 minutes is equivalent to 22 pounds of natural gas per year. And when calculating the carbon emissions, it is equivalent to 56 miles of air travel in a year!

Having a straight perm done not only saves your hair, but also saves time, money, and carbon emissions! Of course the one problem is that you would not be a versatile with your hair style choice, but if you want to have straight hair everyday with little to no effort, a chemical straightening perm is the choice for you!

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