Con Animal Testing

Scientists who defend animal testing have a built-in conflict-of-interest because they are paid to use animals for research. Most pro sided articles for vivisection are written by these scientists. Vivisection is a cruel practice that over 100 million animals are caught up in, worldwide, every year (Section 11). A lot of testing advocates try to cover that up. Most of those animals do not give us any information; or at least viable information. One example would be the harsh HIV research on primates that has lasted for 25 years with nearly no progress, that, unfortunately still continues (HIV Drugs, Vaccines and Animal Testing). Animal testing should be illegal because it is barbaric, immoral, and does not provide viable information.

Experimentation on animals should not continue because it is simply barbaric. Routinely, animal testing advocates are not treating animals with the respect they deserve. They deserve just as much respect as humans. We are all equal beings (Animal Experimentation: Debatabase – Debate Topics and Debate Motions). Vivisection treats animals like disposable material; once the scientists get everything they need, the animals are practically thrown away. Think of the equivalents to humans. For instance, the argument that rats are killed everyday, so what is a few more used and killed for research going to do. The equivalent would be: Humans are killed everyday, so what is a few more used and killed for research going to do (Section 11). The practice of animal experimentation is malicious and should not continue.

Animal testing is immoral and unethical because animals have rights. We do not treat them with the same respect that we would a human, and that is not right (Animal Experimentation: Debatabase – Debate Topics and Debate Motions). For example, we would not test medicines on a human without their consent. That is what we are constantly doing to animals. We do not treat animals as equal beings. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit has reincarnated in every being, including animals. Also, the amount of suffering for the animals outweighs any “scientific opportunity” (Section 11). It is corrupt and disreputable to continue animal testing.

Finally, animal testing is not accurate. First off, animals react to substances differently than humans. For example, thalidomide, “a sedative and hypnotic drug” (Define: thalidomide – Google Search), causes birth defects in humans, but not in rats, mice, and hamsters (Section 11). Moreover, as many as 50% of drugs that have been approved by vivisection had to be withdrawn because of harmful side-effects in the U.K. and U.S. (Animal Experimentation: Debatabase – Debate Topics and Debate Motions). There is actually no certain evidence stating that animal testing leads directly to saving lives (HIV Drugs, Vaccines and Animal Testing). Also, 82% of vivisection procedures use rats, mice, and rodents, which are so non-human like that they give us nearly no information pertaining to humans (About Research). Why are we wasting time and money on unreliable resources?

In conclusion, animal testing is not only wrong as far as morals go, but it is also inaccurate. The practice of vivisection is merciless because it treats animals like disposable material. We are all equal as the Bible states. It is also dissolute and depraved when you think about the equivalency of humans to what we are doing to animals, not to mention, that most of the experiments are a waste of time, knowledge, and resources because most of the results are not viable. The barbaric nature, immorality, and inaccuracy of vivisection are why it should be abolished.



  1. I am not in favour of animal testing...I agree animal testing is immoral... Good workk..keep on spreading the world

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