10 Ways to Be Green This Christmas

The holidays can have a negative impact on you wallet, as well as the environment. Here are 10 ways to be "green" this holiday season

1. Buy a live tree.

Trees are renewable resources that can be replanted over and over again.

2. Use recycled wrapping paper.

3. LED lights.

Use energy efficient lights for decorating. Also, do not leave them on all the time. Turn them off during the day!

4.  Reuse decorations.

Do not go out and buy new decorations every year. Store old decor in boxes in a basement or attic and reuse them every year.

5. Precycle when buying gifts.

Precycling means conserving waste before you even buy it. At the store, do not buy gifts with a lot of plastic packaging.

6.  Recycle all your wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

Can you imagine how much wrapping paper is in our landfills? A lot. One way to cut down is by simply recycling. Bag up all your leftover wrapping paper scraps and put it in a recycling bin.

7. Avoid battery gifts.

Batteries are very wasteful, and can become hazardous when added to a landfill. So instead of buying the newest electronic toy for little Johnny, how about buy him a skateboard? It is environmentally friendly and a lot of fun, as well.

8.  Send ecards.

Sending Christmas cards can be a pain on your wallet, the environment, and your tongue from licking all those labels! So, this year try sending an ecard! You can upload a picture and most are even free!

9. Recycle your Christmas tree.

Check out this site to find places to recycle your tree.

10. Replant your Christmas (get a potted Christmas tree)

Potted Christmas trees are becoming very popular. The roots are bundled in a sack and the tree has the same meaning, it's just "greener".

   I hope thes tips will help you help the environment this holiday season.

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