A Study on Girls Who Play Video Games

A psychiatrist at Yale University recently did a study on the effects of video games on teens. An anonymous survey was sent out in Connecticut and about 30% of teen girls age 14-18 played video games often. According to the study, this gaming had an effect on them and the girls who played tended to be more aggressive than the girls who did not. However, it was not the same for boys. The gaming did not have a significant effect on boys in the same age group. The research also found that it was more likely for a girl who played video game to get involved with alcohol and marijuana, but again it had no affect on boys. Though, surprisingly, video games had no effect on their grades in school, boy or girl. Needless to say, playing "Black Ops" all day could get in the way of homework, and stray your brain from new opportunities, but it does not have a significant effect. It is hard to come to a break through conclusion from this data, but it is definitely a start.


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