Why do we drive on the right side of the road? Why not left?

As days pass, driving to and from work on the right side of the road, have you ever stopped to question? Well, look no further because I've got the answer. It all started with the Revolutionary War. It lasted 8 years between the Americans, with French allies, and the British, with Hessian allies. The American were struggling until George Washington and the French stepped in to help. It was a long and tough war. The Americans could not be stopped, as that was originally thought to be of the British army. The Americans won the Revolutionary War.

      After the war, the Americans wanted nothing to do with the British. They sent the British back to England, and wanted a new government, a new chance for freedom. They knew that a monarchy was not an option because that was how the British rule their country. The Americans hated the British so much that they did not want anything to do with them at all. They didn't even want to do things like the British. A few years passed and the covered wagon was invented, they needed to build roads, or traces, to travel on. One thing led to another and since the British used the left side of the road (as they still do) and since the Americans wanted nothing to do with the British, they decided to use the right side of the road.

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