Hope for the Butler Bulldogs

The Butler Bulldogs had an outstanding season this year and an even better tournament! They pranced through their first 11 tournament games only to face the same NCAA Tournament Championship Game as the year before. Some had expected them to play the same as last year with a buzzer beater and a loss, but I had hope. In the Final Four, Butler played Virginia Commonwealth and won 70-62, which was their largest lead in the entire tournament. With a good lead against a strong team, Butler looked ready for anything. It seemed as though they could handle anything. However, I was wrong.
The NCAA Championship is the biggest game of college basketball in the nation, and they knew that. With a second chance at the title, the pressure was on. You could tell they were nervous from the start. With the thought of how many people were watching and what was at stake, I would be too. The first half was nerve-racking just to watch. However, everyone knows that "The Butler Way" is to bring it home in the second half, but this time they choked. Missing practically every shot, it seems impossible how they even pulled off 41 points in the end. For the past two years, Butler has not failed to amaze us by their impressive talent. They are nothing short of outstanding. I expect nothing less in years to come. It might be a bumpy ride especially with Matt Howard gone but I have hope. Believe in the Bulldogs!

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