Express Yourself!

Nowadays, everyone is so busy with work and life, so they think that they don't have time to slow down and just find out their purpose. Everyone has a purpose in this world, and we all need to grasp and conquer it. The first step in doing that is finding your purpose, and with that comes finding out who you are. Is your purpose really to drive to and from work everyday and minding your own business, or does God have another plan for you? Express yourself to find out.

    You can express yourself in many ways whether it's spiritually, artistically, or through physical activity. Expressing yourself is anything that you do for yourself that doesn't earn you money, and you don't consider it a waste of time because you enjoy it. Go out and find your way of expressing yourself and run with it! Soon enough, you will be cleansed with newfound hope and be able to conquer your purpose!

     When it comes to your purpose, be creative. If your purpose is to inspire others, live it out! If it is to care for others, care for others; but no one's purpose is to mind their own business. We are social animals and life is at our fingertips! So express yourself for you, and live out your purpose for others!

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