A Word About Goals: The Bar

How is it possible to enjoy something without being the best? Striving again and again for the perfection that is unreachable. How can you have confidence in what you are about to do, if you think you can't win?

   Why do we set our goals just low enough so we will not be disappointed? Life is a challenge and we must accept it. Don't set your bar low enough to reach. Set it high enough to have to try your hardest and do the best you never knew you could. It's not advice, but a commandment. Live your life to its fullest by trying everything and finding what you love to do.

   Have faith in what you do so that when you come back from your final flipturn, or cut through the ribbon of the finish line, you will be proud. A metal will be draped around your neck and you will stand tall, with pride in your eyes and courage in your smile, and you won't be able to wait,  to do it again.

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