Interview with a Meteorologist

Here is an interview with meteorologist Jim O'Brien from Fox 59:

What sparked your interest in weather? 

 As a child I was frightened of tornadoes and I wanted to learn more and this eventually became a job.

Describe an average day at work.

 Up a 2:20am…at work by 3:30am…on air at 4:40am until 10:00am…lots of radio recordings, map making, forecasting

How do you use clouds to help you forecast weather?

 Clouds are very useful in prediction temperatures, storm type and approaching storms

Where did you go to school and receive additional training? 

Western Kentucky University, Portland State and Mississippi State

What advice would you give to someone who might want to be a meteorologist?  

Learn your geography, study math and become a good public speaker!

What special projects does the meteorology department undertake?

 Field studies of weather on the environment and flood control as well as storm chasing

What major strengths and assets are required to do well in your position?

 A solid knowledge of the atmosphere and how it works daily to create our weather

What are your daily duties and responsibilities?

 5.5 hours of television on-air weather, radio, weather blogs, and internet updates

Are certain duties specific to weekly, monthly or annual time frames?

Year round

What weather instruments are most useful? 

 Mostly all done by using computerized instruments and a solid knowledge of the region you live in

What specific things do you need to know in pursuit of this career?

 Study hard and go to college



  1. That is so cool. How do you get an inteview? I would be really inpresed to see what he would have to say to me.

  2. I emailed him. You could do it too, just go to your local news station website. They usually have the email addresses for the weather people.